SRB Gots to Go: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

When we left off blogging it was the Dog days of Summer and in the world of electoral politics Silly Season was in full swing. There was precious little to talk about of any significance. Now we seem to have the opposite problem. We’re heading down the home stretch with the debates right around the corner.

Mitt Romney is going to lose. We’ve been LOLing at his inept and bumbling campaign all Summer and taking great satisfaction from the President’s rising poll numbers. From Clint Eastwood’s convention speech to the Libyan attacks to the secret fundraiser video, the Romney campaign has had about two good days. Total. Every other day Romney has looked like the entitled, evil billionaire of an out-of-touch plutocrat he is.

He’s bungled so much, and his losing is such a foregone conclusion at this point that we’re not going to dedicate this blog post to talking about him. Instead we want to talk about the mayor.


Fuck the mayor. Seriously. Fuck you, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Between not making any measurable improvements on anything, forcing another Grand Prix debacle on us, letting the school headquarters buy $1000 videophones, closing fire companies, playing shell games with speed cameras, giving away hundreds of thousands in tax breaks to further develop Harbor East, wanting to pave over Patterson Park, and presiding over a water utility and water billing system which is fucked beyond all possible imagination, and personally being kind of a pushy entitled bitch, we are happy to declare today that we have finally had enough of the mayor’s shit.

After her elevation, when she was elected with only a brief tenure in office behind her, we didn’t mind so much. We’d been overseas and figured that one mayor was as good as another. Can’t be much worse than Sheila Dixon, right? Well listen up internet: we were wrong and we freely and publicly admit it. Since her election Stephanie Rawlings Blake has fallen in this blog’s estimation from just okay to absolutely terrible. She’s got plenty of time left in office, but when this term is finally up she gots to go.

If you’d like to toss back a few drinks and rail about the mayor with us, or rail about Romney, Todd Akin, voter suppression, gay marriage or anything else turn up at Liam Flynn’s tonight at 7:00 for the regular meeting of the Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally. Admission is free and liberals of all stripes are welcome. Just look for the red, white and blue bottle on the table.


Liam Flynn’s is located at 22 W. North Ave in Station North. 7 pm.