Baltimore Ratscape @ Hour Haus This Weekend

First there was just the urban landscape. Here’s an old train station and here’s a little patch of grass and here’s a statue and a few old brownstones around.

Then somebody got the idea to fill the landscape up with art. They called it “Artscape.” It was a pretty good idea and a lot of people liked it in Baltimore City.

Then Wham City came along, and said ‘We are not Baltimore City. We are Wham City. So we’ll throw our own Artscape and call it “Whartscape.” It can be short for Wham City Artscape or something.’ So that was fun while it lasted.

Then when it was over people said ‘Hey I miss that let’s do it again.’ And they called it ‘Ratscape’ because if you rearrange the letters in the word ‘art’ they can spell ‘rat.’ And it sounds better than ‘Tarscape.’ And because, RATS.

And that’s this weekend.

There are 44 bands playing at the Hour Haus. Here are their names:

Friday, 6 pm

The Lottery
Radical Discharge
Sand (Japan)
Numb (Japan)
Bet The Devil
Weed is Weed
The Pilgrim

Saturday, 2 pm

Terrestrial Mass
Monster Museum
White Bear
Sal Bando
The Lexington Arrows
Orange Horse
The Matrimonials
Slow Jerks
Wild Honey
Dion Warlock
Dark Water Transit!!
Alto Verde
Grey March


Yellow Raincoat
Old Lines
The Pallbearer
Baylors Eye
Blackout Brigade
Gary B and the Notions
Heaviness of the Load
Other Gods
Extermation Angel

Since the Hour Haus is basically at Artscape, you can guarantee it’ll be just as much traffic and parking difficulties. It’ll be just as crowded. It’ll be just as hot and sweaty. Just as noisy. But no dad rock.

If you can’t decide, just do both. Or do neither. Wait till Scapescape. The scape of all scapes.


Hour Haus is located at 135 West North Ave at Howard Street in Station North.