The Couch Chronicles, Volume XVI

Volume XVI. That’s sixteen in regular numbers. Our living room has come a long way over the course of the last few months. When we began this whole process, our front room was nothing more than a convenient place to park a bicycle. There was nowhere to sit, and even if you wanted to stand there was no place to do so much as rest your coffee cup.

Our 3 bedroom rowhouse felt more like a tiny 1 bedroom apartment. We only ever had use of the bedroom, office, and kitchen. We couldn’t have friends over or bring home a date. It was like buying a car and driving it only in second gear.

During our time designing and blogging about our new living room, we’ve literally taken hundreds of photos. Today we’ve assembled just a few of them into a slide show which gives the full picture of just how far the space has come over the last several weeks.

*** *** ***

Mouse over slide show to play, pause, or click through photos manually.

The end of June also marks the end of the Test it, Blog it, Win it contest. It’s been an exceptional opportunity for us, and we want to take space in this final post to offer one last round of thanks to both Su Casa and Pad, as well as Nick Johnson, Leslie and Derek, Jacqueline, Kyle and Rob, and everyone else we met along the way.

And in the end, that’s the difference between Su Casa and anywhere else. We’ve bought a lot of furniture before, but couldn’t tell you who the hell we bought it from.

Besides having an incredible inventory and a wealth of product and design knowledge, we never got the impression that Su Casa was full of commissioned salesmen. It’s full of, well, people. Nice people whose names are worth remembering.

They were warm, kind and helpful every step of the way, and we definitely got the feeling that all of these folks are really a part of our community. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised to run into any of them at the Sound Garden or the Grind or Bad Decisions. And if we do it’ll be our pleasure to get the first round of drinks.

One thing is certain though. We’ll definitely see them again when it’s time to buy some more furniture. After all, we’ve still got an empty bedroom…


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