Punk Rock Karaoke @ Liam Flynn’s Tonight

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Although we didn’t blog about it, we went to Punk Rock Karaoke at Liam Flynn’s Ale House the last time that outfit came through town in late March. Take it from the Chop: it was cool as shit.

It’s rare that a crowded bar has the atmosphere and bonhomie of a house party full of old friends, but that’s exactly what Punk Rock Karaoke was like. Old punks, young punks, art punks and drunk punks… swilling cider and singing tunes and squeezing every bit of joy out of Summer and life. That’s what Punk Rock Karaoke is like.

Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago takes over Liam Flynn's tonight. 8 pm doors.

Chicago is a lucky city. They get to do this sort of thing all the time. Fortunately for the rest of us, Punk Rock Karaoke Chicago sometimes takes their show on the road. PRKC is a fully DIY karaoke party featuring authentic karaoke versions of classic punk songs whose focus is on fundraising for various punk rock/social justice/Left leaning related causes.

Tonight’s event is a fundraiser for Red Emma’s Collective who of course take part in all sorts of worthy endeavors around town like their eponymous coffee shop and book store, the Baltimore Free School, and the 2640 Space.

Five bucks gets you in the door- but of course you’re free to kick up a little more if you’ve done made good. Songs are free to sing but if you’re a karaoke pro get yourself signed up early because the last one was crowded and song slots filled up fast.


Liam Flynn’s is located at 22 W. North Ave in Station North. Doors at 8 pm, singing begins around 9.