The Couch Chronicles, Volume XII

Although we’ve only had our new sofa from Pad for a week today, we’ve been doing our level best to make up for lost sitting time. We figure we’ve probably got about three weeks’ worth of sitting in already, because we’ve been on the couch morning, noon and night.

And why not? Our living room has gone unused for so long, it feels like Su Casa has actually added square footage to the house. Here’s how we set it up when it was delivered…

We liked that arrangement quite well, but nothing is ever set in stone. So this week we’ve decided to try out something similar to the layout of Roommate’s furniture when he lived here…

As we told you last week, we had to send back the sofa’s matching ottoman because it was simply too big for the room. While it would have been nice to have, the truth is that we don’t actually need it for lounging.

In selecting a sofa, comfort and style were equally important to us. This sofa surpasses our expectations for both. We wanted something that looked great, but were also very particular about having something that was long enough on which to lie down comfortably, and deep enough to accommodate full-on lounging. At six feet even, doing that in style was something of a ‘tall’ order.

The general rule with sofas is that the bigger they get, they less stylish they typically are. Think about it: we tend to associate high-design mid-century stuff with the downtown condo, skinny-jeans wearing type, while the huge plush reclining sectional is almost entirely the provenance of the suburban great room football and barbecue set.

So we were basically looking for something with the comfort of the Slouch Sofa
and the clean lines of the Nigel Sofa, and our Charlton from Pad was just the thing.

We’ve been planted on it for a solid week now, and we’re not planning on getting up any time soon.


This post is part of our entry in the Test it, Blog it, Win it contest. You can see the before pictures, track our living room’s design progress, and read all of the posts in this series here.