Baltimore Pride Parade Bingo

It’s Pride Festival weekend here in Baltimore.

We’re not going to go into detail about the parade, festival, events, afterparties and everything else. You can check out if you want to know about that.

What we are going to do is partake in one of Baltimore’s all time favorite games, Gay Bingo. We’ve made our own bingo card, which you can print out and take with you to Pride. Be the first to mark off 5 consecutive squares and, ummm, maybe someone will buy you a drink or something…

(Click for very large version.)

Explanation of Symbols

[one_half]Column B:

  • Someone getting arrested
  • Someone using Grindr
  • Dopey straight girls playing dress up
  • Protestors
  • Free condoms
  • [/one_half]

    [one_half_last]Column G:

  • Kid with two dads
  • People on ecstacy
  • Gay dudes on steroids
  • Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber
  • Sailabration sailors
  • [/one_half_last]

    [one_half]Column I:

  • Glitter bomb/Glitter overdose
  • Bike dykes
  • Obama supporters
  • Someone passed out
  • Local politician
  • [/one_half]

    [one_half_last]Column O:

  • TV news reporter
  • Public make-out session
  • Drag queen with beard
  • AARP gays
  • Someone throwing a tantrum
  • [/one_half_last]

    [one_half]Column N:

  • Bad Pride tattoos
  • Leather daddies
  • Free space
  • Gay pets
  • Tighty whities
  • [/one_half]