Andrew Jackson Jihad @ Ottobar Tonight

We don’t really like folk punk. The last time we went to a folk punk show it was maybe the worst show we’ve ever been to and we ended up demanding our money back after 90 minutes of horseshit and a headliner that didn’t show up. That’s what you get with most folk punk- whiny hippies with a punk aesthetic. That’s not what you get with Andrew Jackson Jihad.

We love Andrew Jackson Jihad. While every other folk punk band wants to be Bob Dylan, these guys took a page out of the Phil Ochs book, playing music that’s as close to a pure expression of feeling as music can be. Listen:

It’s rare enough to meet people in this world who understand what it means to be alive. To be a person, just walking around and breathing, is really fucking hard. We all like to pretend that it’s not. We have to pretend that it’s not. It’s also, sometimes, truly profound and beautiful.

It’s almost impossible to find regular people who will admit that out loud. It’s like a miracle to find people who can articulate it in songs. This is a truly special band.

After being around since 2004 and putting out many releases, this is AJJ’s first full US tour. With a schedule like that, it might be their last. Who knows? As great as those records are, we’ve got a feeling that this is one of those bands that is only best experienced live. Music that’s just so personal should be heard in person.

Doors at 8, show at 9. All ages at the Ottobar. Joyce Manor and Treasure Fleet also play.