The Chop Goes to Israel

As wonderful a city as Baltimore is, it’s not without its minor failings. There’s always road work in your way, too many things are closed Sundays and Mondays, and quality of life issues are a persistent source of anxiety. Perhaps the biggest failing of our fair city though is that it’s tough to find a good falafel.

Sure, there are a few places here and there that carry it- but in all of them falafel is mostly an afterthought and doesn’t feature prominently on many menus. It’s also generally not very good. You get it and the pita is kind of stale and the tomatoes are gross and the falafel itself is either burnt or greasy. This will never do.

A visual approximation of the Chop reading his copy of Israel for Dummies.

We’ve got a craving for falafel, so we’re not going to fool around anymore. We’re going right to the source: Israel.

That’s right Baltimore, we’re going halfway around the world just to eat a sandwich. We’re going to leave tomorrow afternoon and fly to Tel Aviv, and stay until we get tired of eating falafel, which may take several months. While we’re there we may also make some side trips to Turkey and to Egypt, where they also have excellent chick pea patties, couscous, hummus, and all manner of delicious food. We will eat it all.

We’ll also see what the Israelis have for us in the way of employment, so we can pay for our falael, since we can’t just blog for a living. (Yet. If you want to buy ad space or hire us to write words on the internet, send us an email.)

While we’re gone, don’t forget to vote for us in the Mobbies. If we win, you win. We’ll bring back some Manischewitz and do another giveaway or something.