John McEnroe: An Object Lesson in Growing Old Gracefully

So, for reasons we won’t get into here, the Chop had occasion to search the Google for images of John McEnroe the other day. You would think that would be a simple task; type in a name, click the mouse and get a picture. It took us longer than you might think though. Johnny Mac is a magnificent bastard, to be sure, but he didn’t start out that way.

McEnroe is proof that whatever shit you tried to pull stylistically in your early life, it’s never too late to sharpen up your personal style. The man just looks flat out better at 52 than he ever did at 25. Choppers, take note: this is how you grow old well.

Here’s a young McEnroe:

Here he is auditioning for a brat pack movie: (The part eventually went to Molly Ringwald.)

Here he is just past his tennis prime, rocking a Texas tuxedo:

And an actual tuxedo:

Here Johnny Mac starts to take a turn for the better. Maybe keeping better company rubbed off on him:

Looking good dressed up or undressed. We should all be so fit at 50:

With wife Patty Smyth. Parental homeowner hipster types, take note:

And finally, McEnroe doing what he does best- running his mouth: