What’s Your Trademark?

We’re in the thick of Fall now. Fall Fashion. ZOMG. There’s a ton of brand new shit that you have to wear (that looks suspiciously like certain old shit) and in the Fall there’s no shortage of places to wear it. The great part of Autumn is that the fashion world prepares for it all year long, and by virtue of that, the weather, and the wide breadth of fall activities, there’s no better time to experiment stylistically.

The downside of Fall is that the fashion industry prepares for it all year long, and they basically throw everything they have at the wall and see what sticks. They’ll recommend bow ties, hunting vests, military garb… even fucking friendship bracelets. This is the time of year when you most need to check yourself; when you most need to bring yourself out of the pages of Details and back into the real world. This is the time of year when you most need your trademark.

Eehhhhhh! Get one thing. Wear it well.

Think of Woody Allen’s Glasses, which are always different, yet somehow always exactly the same. Did you ever see Johnny Cash in something that wasn’t black? Of course not. These men knew what it was to have a trademark.

For the rest of us it’s not necessary to go too over the top, but one or two stylistic trademarks will almost always beat a closet full of accessories. Why buy a rack full of hats if you can find one that works everywhere? Wear suits to work? Don’t buy one three piece… buy five. Sick of tying shoes? Wear loafers for the rest of your life.

What we want to leave you with this week is not specific fashion advice, but an idea to ponder: What’s your trademark? Why is that your trademark? Have you got it where where you want it? Are you building around it? When you go, are they gonna bury you in it?

Be careful though. Some personal trademarks can go horribly wrong.