Occupy Baltimore Turns into Pumpkins: Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

Well, we’re about 12 hours late with the blog post today. That’s because our Comcast internet shit the bed for no apparent reason, along with the cable TV. So a very special fuck you to Comcast, who now owes us one pro-rated day back on our bill this month.

Today is the fourth Wednesday, which means that Baltimore’s Chapter of Drinking Liberally is due to meet as usual, although tonight’s meeting is anything but the usual. Instead of meeting up at Liam Flynn’s Ale House, the group is making its way to McKeldin Square in solidarity with the Occupy Baltimore Movement.

Baltimore's Drinking Liberally meets at Pratt Street Ale House tonight. 7 pm.

If you’re interested, here’s a copy of an email sent out by one of the group’s hosts this afternoon:

“Hey guys!

In a last minute addition to tonight’s very special Drinking Liberally goes to Occupy Baltimore (8pm in McKeldin Square at the corner of Light St and Pratt) we will also be grabbing a beer at the Pratt St Alehouse (206 W Pratt St).

Come down at 7pm — PS and I will be there with “Drinking Liberally supports Occupy Baltimore” signs. We’ll share a beer before walking / marching a couple blocks down to the occupation at 8. We hope to see you either at Pratt St Alehouse at 7 or Occupy Baltimore at 8!

Please pass this on to any one who might want to come — since this is such late notice we’re relying on you all to get the word out!

In solidarity,”

It’s just dumb luck that the time of the meeting happens to fall only a few hours before the city’s stated deadline of a midnight eviction of all but 2 protesters. The city hasn’t specifically threatened eviction, mind you, that’s just our guess, but from what we’ve seen on the Occupy Baltimore Website, the Baltimore Brew, and in The Sun, we think it’s a pretty good bet. Come midnight, Occupy Baltimore might all turn into pumpkins. #OccupyPumpkinPatch

This deadline also falls only a day after the shameful cases of teargassing and police brutality at Occupy Oakland and a raid and mass arrests at Occupy Atlanta. We doubt that Baltimore will see that kind of high drama, but anything is possible. The general assembly meeting alone is bound to be the kid of shitstorm we’d rather stay away from.

So if you go, don’t look for the Chop. We’ll be sitting out this week’s DL. Much as we’re in sympathy with the Occupy participants, it’s just that: sympathy. We’re not in the mood to spend the night in jail.