The World’s Best Cocktail Shaker

We don’t do a lot of showing off here at the Baltimore Chop. We like to err on the side of humility, and conspicuous consumption just isn’t our style. Last weekend though, we came across so fine a thing that it absolutely must be shared with the internet at large. Hey, if other bloggers can show off pictures of their crummy cats and dogs and children, then you can indulge us, for once, in showing off what’s truly important to us.

We made a trip out to Home Anthology last weekend. We tend to think of mid-century modern furniture the same way we think of tattoos: very nice for some other people, but not quite for us. We won’t be bringing home any Scandia chairs or clear lucite tables any time soon, but we did find this little gem which is absolutely perfect for our home bar.

We’ve been looking for an ideal shaker for almost two years now. Nothing we’ve seen in that time has been quite right. Where everything else on the bar is new and stainless, it was crucial that the most important piece of hardware be glass and preferably vintage, to avoid being too well-matched and add a little cachet.

So far every brand new shaker we’ve found has been too expensive, and each vintage one we’ve seen has been just too tacky, with drink recipes or corny little jokes on the side. This beauty, with its understated etching and stainless rim strikes just the right tone for a drink to unwind, a nightcap, or a full on cocktail party.

With a tight-fitting two piece lid, a 32-ounce capacity, and a heavy bottom this baby is perfect for mixing up a Spring round of Lemon Sticks for company, or stowing in the fridge and draining off its contents ourselves.