Surfer Blood, Weekends @ Ottobar Tonight

You’re going to this show tonight Baltimore. Of course you are. It’s a no-brainer. It’s more than a no-brainer, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seriously. Maybe the Chop’s not as cool as we used to be, but it seems like Surfer Blood came out of nowhere and got real famous, real fast. If we were a betting man, we’d bet that the Ottobar tonight is likely your last chance to see them on an actual club stage. They’re already busy touring the world and getting on TV and (maybe) modeling designer jeans and banging out record industry and PR interns 2 at a time. That’s rock and roll for you.

What’s more, a Wednesday after a holiday weekend is perfect timing, since we’re hoping it’s going to be adult swim up in there. That may be wishful thinking though, since schools are out, the doors are open early, and it’s all ages.


Reason number two why it’s a no-brainer? Weekends. Sure, they’re from here and you can probably go see them anytime, but you know what Baltimore? That’s a shite attitude to take. That’s why you all probably missed them at last weekend’s show with Height, because you were too busy going to the beach and the swimming pool and the cook-out. We’re guilty of it too. We seem to keep missing Weekends, and we’re going to try to put that right tonight.

You know how people always reference certain bands from the 80’s and say how they’re visionary and genius and way ahead of their time? Well, with bands like these, it looks like rock and roll is finally catching up to the best of the 1980’s, and that’s what tonight’s show is all about.