The Daily Camden and 10 Mistakes


You might think the Chop is all about liquor and rock music and the fairer sex and sleeping until noon and watching baseball, but you’d be wrong. We’re smrt. And we know all about business and technology and all junk like that.

So today we’re happy to announce that we’re guest-blogging over at Folk Media is a Baltimore based start-up which helps businesses and organizations market themselves on the web. Our topic is 10 Big Mistakes You May Be Making Online. How Businesses and Organizations Unwittingly Alienate Customers.

Head over there for your daily Chop today, and if you’re just arriving from the Folk Media site, welcome! Feel free to take a look around. Scroll down and see what we’ve been up to lately or click the Archives tab for some of the Chop’s greatest hits.

We’re also heading out to the Yard tonight to catch the O’s and the Mariners for a Tuesday bargain night/ Brian Matusz T-shirt Tuesday game. It’s also our night to take a snapshot for The Daily Camden over at Welcome to Baltimore, Hon. The Daily Camden is an ongoing photo project in which people from all over Baltimore submit a picture of Camden Yards every day of the season, game or no game, to build a collective photo record of the place we all think of as a second home throughout the 2010 season.

With Cliff Lee facing David Hernandez tonight, we very likely won’t be photographing the scoreboard.