Giant Chatroulette and Knife Throwing @ Ottobar Tonight

Yes Baltimore, you read that headline correctly. It’s one of those ideas that’s so simple, and so simply brilliant, that we don’t really need to explain it in much detail.

You know what the Ottobar is, and you know what Chatroulette is. One sets up a ginormous 80 inch screen and broadcasts the other, for free, for the amusement of all involved.

Whatever you see up there, you'll never be able to un-see it. Ottobar hosts Chatroulette tonight. 9 pm

Bad Decisions in Fells Point tried this last week, and word on the street is it was a smashing success, inasmuch as that sort of thing can be successful. The Ottobar is going them one better tonight though, getting Alex B. to host and tossing in a butcher knife throwing contest, cause nothing goes better with whiskey than knife throwing.

We can only hope that some local bar owner will answer back next week with a giant round of Chatroulette Bingo.

The best part? If you get tired of massive random cocks being projected up on the screen, you can always escape to the upstairs bar, where it’s 2 for Tuesday tonight.


Doors at eight, gross-out fest at 9. 2549 N. Howard St. 410-662-0069