Talent Night @ Rocket to Venus Tonight

Remember when Married With Children used to come on every Sunday? And Roc? Don’t play, you know you all loved Roc. Remember when the Simpsons was really funny like 15 years ago? Yeah. That was cool.

Unfortunately, Sunday TV isn’t what it used to be. While Cadinals vs. Brewers on Sunday Night Baseball is somewhat interesting, we’re already watching the O’s today, so come primetime we’re probably gonna be ready for a baseball break. So we’re looking to head out to Rocket to Venus.

RTV hosts it's first Talent Night tonight. 9:30 pm

Instead of suffering another episode of that Jack Black wannabe dude in Sons of Tucson, we’re going to watch a bunch of our friends and neighbors make asses of themselves in Rocket’s first ever Talent Night tonight.

Be warned: the definition of talent here is pretty loose, and everyone will win and all must have prizes. We’re expecting it will be a hipster version of Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks, but you get what you pay for in America, and this fiasco is free. It’s also sponsored by Buchanan Taps, so presumably there will be beer specials.

If not, we might just have to show off our talent for bitching and moaning, which is legend in this town.


RTV is at 3660 Chestnut Ave. 410-235-7887. Talent night begins at 9:30. Email buck@rockettovenus.com for more info.