Doo Doo Brown! Our Bi-Weekly Political Roundup

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We haven’t had a chance to mention it yet, but the Chop is an enthusiastic member of the Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: upwardly mobile bleeding-heart urban quasi-intellectuals (along with a few bona-fide academics) get together every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to prognosticate and practice parlor punditry while solving polemical problems over pitchers of pilsner. You might say its the Chop’s own version of the Algonquin Round Table. At the very least, it combines two of our favorite pastimes and gives us something to look forward to on a Wednesday.

Formed almost 3 years ago, the Baltimore chapter has transformed in that time from a small core of relative strangers with common interests falling under the same umbrella to a group of quality friends the like of which its hard to make after one leaves college life behind.

Meetings are always informal and open to all comers of any left-of-center political persuasion. Discussion topics range from the personal and small talk to local and state issues, national politics, international crises and back again as more and more pitchers are served. And of course, a special effort is made to welcome and encourage first time visitors.

In the Future, we plan to use this space to blog about national politics bi-weekly in advance of each meeting, although this week we’ve just returned from abroad, where our access to media of any sort was severely limited. We definitely didn’t get our daily Wonkette fix, so we’re certainly looking forward to getting the dirt.

All we know today can be summed up in bullet point fashion:

> Dick Cheney is in the hospital. We hope he’s in a lot of pain. In fact, we hope its like torture.

>James O’Keefe III is in jail. Fuck that guy. we hope he stays there a really long time. And since its Louisiana, we like to picture him getting a daily butt-raping by that big black dude from The Green Mile. We’ll raise a pint to that.

>Scott “Doo Doo” Brown is public enemy number one of the wingnuts. The Chop loves a little political theater, farcical and absurd though it may be. Phony outrage is always more entertaining than genuine resentment, so if we’ve got to watch the teabaggers rant and rave, better they do it at him than at Uncle Ted. Besides, Brown’s daughter is single and he doesn’t mind pimping her out.

> And speaking of U.S. Senators with overexposed daughters, John McCain is almost out of a job. Awesome.

> Of course… everyone else is almost out of a job too.

We’ll be talking about all this and more at tonight’s meeting, which is 7 pm at Joe Squared. Just look for the table with the red, white, and blue bottle on it.