203 Davis St. Closes For Good

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Sam Sessa over at Midnight Sun blog reported today that the end times have finally arrived for the Talking Head Club.

The Talking Head, which opened up in a dinky underutilized space on Cathedral Street in 2002, stayed there about the course of the summer before moving to the former Ottobar Space at 203 Davis Street Downtown, where the club really came into its own.

Original home of the Talking Head Club

In the following years, the Davis Street bar was an epicenter for the Baltimore underground, filling the niche for a true independent venue smaller than Fletcher’s or Ottobar, but larger than most of the DIY spaces in town. The Talking head will be long remembered for playing host to some of the Chop’s favorites like Braid and Q and not U, and for being the spawning ground of Baltimore’s own Oranges Band. Its also, of course, the place where Taxidermy Lodge blew the fuck up from a weeknight DJ to a full-on east coast Phenomenon.

203 Davis Street

Much as we hate to say it though, the Chop is going to be happy to see the Head go away for good. Since moving into the backroom at Sonar, its been more or less on its last legs, and a distraction from what may come next.

This whole turn of events though is a perfect illustration of why the Baltimore music scene has always been among the best in the country. In Baltimore, we can accept when things are at an end, because we are absolutely certain that something better will take shape in its place. Just as there was no need to wail at the loss of the Marble Bar, The Rev, or Memory Lane, we can be sure that something will replace the Talking Head. And sooner rather than later.

The only question is, What form will it take?