The Baltimore Chop occupies a unique place in the Maryland media landscape. We’re more than a typical blog- having won several awards for our as-it-happens coverage of local music, nightlife, arts, restaurants and more- as well as incisive and insightful commentary on Charm City culture.

At the same time, we’re entirely independent- not subject to the restrictions and attachments of sites run by traditional media outlets, or even of new media start-ups. Publishing new content 5 days a week, our readers are entirely local, incredibly loyal, and growing quickly and constantly.

We’re not interested in dealing with mega-web ad networks, whoring ourselves out to PR firms, sending out spammy email ‘blasts’ or any of the other slimy ways that people try to make money online. If we never make a dime off this site that’s just fine. We’ll keep doing it our way, anyway.

What we are interested in is teaming up with some of the city’s best small businesses, brands and organizations for ongoing sponsorship. We hope to build partnerships with the same people whose goods and services we love already, and whose operations and ethos are compatible with our own.

We currently offer several types of banner ads at very competitive prices, as well as sponsored posts in a variety of formats. You can download our media kit here or email us here for more information and details.

Guest Posts: The Baltimore Chop is always happy to consider publishing guest posts from readers or from other bloggers. Guest posts are noncommercial and are distinct from sponsored posts.

All guest posts should be about or closely related to the topics regularly covered here. Those topics are: Baltimore music and cultural events (including reviews), Baltimore City life, local and regional politics, 20- and 30-something dating and lifestyle, places in Baltimore, Local and regional politics, social norms and etiquette, bar culture, cocktails, baseball fan experiences, and men’s style and fashion.

All submissions should be emailed to and should be between 350 and 700 words. Please also include a few lines of biographical information. No pay can be offered, but we’ll be happy to link to your blog or website.